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The cheapest iPhone X unlocked SIM-free prices in June 2021

Apple iPhone X Fact File

(Image credit: Future)

Release date: November 3 2017
Launch price: $999 / £999 / AU$1579 / Rs 89,000
Platform: iOS 11
Storage: 64GB / 256GB
Camera: 12MP / 7MP
Screen: Super Retina HD 1125x2436
Battery: 2716mAh
Colours: Space Grey, Silver
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Apple's blockbuster 10th anniversary iPhone X took last year by storm when it was released way back in 2017. It was the most expensive iPhone until the massive XS, XS Max and XR came along smashing the record for price tag way out the water.

And now with Apple's iPhone 12 deals here on the main stage, the iPhone X is suddenly looking pretty affordable. Prices have dropped across the board but retailers seem to be beginning the mass extinction of the iPhone X.

Apple has pulled it from its stores (normal behaviour for Apple) but many other retailers have now followed suit. This can be seen as good, or bad news. Good for those looking for a bargain price as numbers fall and bad for the longevity of the iPhone X.

Wherever you are in the world, iPhone X deals don't come cheap, but going SIM-free means that at least you're not tied down to a lengthy contract with big bills every month.

And it's actually more cost-effective to buy your iPhone X this way in the long run. You can team it with one of the best SIM only deals, giving you bags of data and calls for very little money and less commitment.

Our comparison table below will tell you who's stocking unlocked iPhone Xs and the best prices you can get them for. Even now that it has been out for a while we haven't yet seen too many people offering huge discounts - but we'll have them listed as they do and prices can drop randomly so keep an eye out. While if you see the prices and decide to break down the cost on contract after all, then you can follow the below links to get the very best iPhone X deals where ever you are.

Today's cheapest iPhone X unlocked / SIM free prices: