You'll be able to buy the all-electric Jaguar E-Type Zero

The Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero caught our eye last year when we got to check it out in person (although sadly not drive), and if it piqued your interest there's some good news - you'll be able to buy one.

It's no longer a Concept, and there's now a page to register your interest in the E-Type Zero on Jaguar's website.

There's no official word on the Jaguar E-Type Zero price, but after speaking to representative's at the unveiling of the concept last year we were told at the time the car costs around £300,000.

The final E-Type Zero price may not be quite that steep, but we fully expect the car to carry a lofty price tag once its announced closer to its expected 2020 release date.

Classic looks, but there are a few mod-cons

The E-Type Zero shares the same body and style as the iconic car from the 1960s and 70s, but peek inside the cabin and you'll notice a few 21st century additions.

First up is the large touchscreen display in the middle of the dash, and that's accompanied by another screen in the instrument cluster behind the large, classic steering wheel.

There's also Jaguars circular gear selector next to the handbrake between the two seats.

There are a few 21st century additions

There are a few 21st century additions

And of course, let's not forget the biggest 21st century addition to the E-Type Zero, the electric powertrain under the curvaceous hood.

There are no specs for the powertrain available at the moment, but Jaguar says its E-Type Concept Zero could achieve a 0-62mph time well below 7 seconds.

Jaguar is also offering owners of the original E-Type the option to convert their car to the electric engine - again, for an undisclosed fee.

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