Xiaomi readying four smartphones with Samsung's 108MP camera sensor

(Image credit: Xiaomi)

Xiaomi is developing as many as four smartphones with 108MP camera sensor on the back, after Samsung announced its highest megapixel count sensor earlier last month. At the time, Xiaomi had revealed that a Mi branded phone with the said sensor was in development.

Now, the good folks over at XDA have discovered evidence that indicate that Xiaomi is readying four smartphones powered by Samsung's ISOCELL Bright HMX 108MP sensor.

Xiaomi phones with 108MP rear camera

Using reverse-engineering decompilation tools, XDA developers found that the MIUI Gallery app will now support viewing full resolution pictures from the 108MP sensor. However, as noted by XDA, the support to view full resolution image is only being added to four smartphones for the time being.

These phones are codenamed-- tucana, draco, umi and cmi and are expected to be the first phones of their kind to sport a 108MP camera on the back.

Earlier, the gallery app in phones did not allow zooming into the picture for a full resolution view. This changed when 48MP camera sensors got into the picture and with it came the ability to zoom in.

Going by that logic, 108MP full resolution viewing is being added to phones that are going to feature a 108MP camera sensor.

In addition, XDA in its report states that they "believe" the Mi Mix 4 isn't among the four phones in development. Though, the Mi Mix 4 has previously been rumoured to sport a 108MP camera sensor with Snapdragon 855+ at the helm. We also don't know at this point whether these four phones will be added to Xiaomi's Mi range or Redmi lineup.

We'll keep an eye out on the development of 108MP camera phones, but it seems there's some waiting till the end of year to have a proper look at one of these phones.

Siddharth Chauhan
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