Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is giving you a great reason to finally try Apple TV Plus

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While the two companies are fierce rivals in the computing space, Apple and Microsoft are teaming up to make Xbox Game Pass Ultimate even better for its subscribers.

Microsoft has announced that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can get two new free perks: a three-month trial of Apple TV Plus and a three-month trial of Apple Music. If you’re like me and haven’t subscribed to the service before, you finally have a reason to watch Ted Lasso (which I’ve been told is amazing).

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is already a great deal for gamers. You get access to a Netflix-style library of games that you can download and play on your PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, or Xbox One, as well as a near-identical library that can be streamed over the internet to your smartphone, Xbox console, or PC. I’ve recently been using it to play Persona 5 Royal and while the experience is much better on my 4K TV, being able to pick up my playthrough from bed using my Pixel 6 is super convenient. 

But alongside the games, you also get free perks which have included Disney Plus and Paramount Plus subscriptions, and digital goodies for the titles you’re playing. The only downside to the perks that give you free access to other subscription services is that you can’t have signed up for the service before.

Ted Lasso season 2's cast including Jason Sudeikis, Brett Goldstein and Cristo Fernandez

Game Pass members can watch Ted Lasso and other great shows for free (Image credit: Apple TV Plus)

So with these latest Apple perks, I can get the three-month trial of Apple TV Plus – letting me watch all of the best shows and best films on the streaming service for free – but as a current Apple Music subscriber I’ll miss out on three free months of that service.

You don't have to miss out on either though, even if you aren't yet a Game Pass Ultimate member. The perks will be available to subscribers until March 31, 2023. As long as you sign up and claim them before that date, you should be golden.

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