Top players lead calls for goal-line technology

Spot the odd one out
Spot the odd one out

Michael Owen and Shay Given have both told TechRadar that there is little doubt from any players that goal-line technology be brought into football, but admitted that professional footballers are asking where you draw the line.

Speaking at the launch of BT Vision's Sky Sports 1 and 2 package for next season, Manchester United's Owen and Manchester City goalkeeper Given both believe that goal-line technology should be in place.

"I don't think anyone disagrees with [bringing in goal line technology]," said Owen in answer to TechRadar's question.

"I think when people start talking about it you argue about where you cut it off.

"When you bring it in for one thing and then think 'is it going to help the referees in terms of making a penalty decision or a sending off or an offside?'

"And I think that is the matter for discussion. I don't think there's any discussion about goal line technology."

Goal line tech is a Given

Given agreed with Owen, pointing to the controversial handball decision that 'handed' France victory over the Republic of Ireland in the World Cup qualification play-off.

"I think we probably argued longer with the referee and linesman then it would have taken to look on the screen for a five second replay and then a decision could be made.

With Frank Lampard's goal a decision could be made straight away, and it would have made a game of it."

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