BigChange combines vehicle tracking and work management

BigChange JobWatch display
Everything from location to expenses on display

Start-up company BigChange has launched an all-in-one package to provide vehicle tracking and mobile work assistance using 4G telematics and a mobile app .

It involves the provision of 7-inch and 4-inch fixed mount or portable touchscreen computers with built-in tracking, a mobile contract and the BigChange JobWatch Office App provided as software as a service.

It covers all areas of live reporting, GPS vehicle tracking, mobile communications, workflow management, timesheets, driver debrief and feedback, expenses, delivery management, stock management, and can be used to report vehicle defects. Users can turn specific features on or off.

Martin Port, chief executive officer of BigChange, said: "We have revolutionised telematics by developing a fourth generation solution that delivers a multitude of mobile applications live over the internet.

"With this cloud based service, we simply install the BigChange mobile computer and our customers just choose the functions and features they wish it to use at the click of a button. There are no further integration issues as everything is delivered over the internet direct to the in-cab computers."

He said the app can help companies to ensure their mobile workers' time is better spent, saving eight hours of administration and 10 hours of travel per month, and reducing fuel consumption.