One more thing: WoW get hacked, characters destroyed

One more thing: WoW get hacked, characters destroyed
All your characters are belong to us

Unherd of - These Swiss cows send a text message to their farmers when they're ready for a spot of mating. It's not your average booty call though; the texts are triggered by thermometers in the cow's genital area (lovely) and a motion sensor that monitors her for restlessness. Who said romance was dead? [Discover]

Angry the birds are - Angry Birds Star Wars is coming, of course, and it'll be here on November 8. The iOS, Android and computer editions all feature Angry Chewie, Angry Han, Angry Luke, Angry Leia and Angry everybody else. Is nothing in the Star Wars universe sacred? Of course not. [Engadget]

Yarn - The Steve Jobs stories just keep on coming. In 2006, the Apple co-founder told people that the company was going to "patent it all" as far as the iPhone was concerned. No wonder the patent wars have become so all-consuming. [Electronista]

MAYDAY - Nerds down: Some cheeky hackers have created a World of Warcraft character which can destroy other human- and computer-controller avitars, and has been wreaking havoc in some of the major cities in the game. The game's creator Blizzard Activison say it's now fixed, but still LOL at those 1337 gamers. [BBC]

4KTV to boom in 2017: Latest research suggests the 4K TV boom won't happen until 2017, with IHS iSuppli suggesting the sets, which will feature the resolution of four HD sets, won't manage to get a foothold in the market anytime soon – sorry eyes, you'll have to make do with poxy 1080p for now. [TechWatch]

Geek-gasm – There's a new search engine on the block, going by the name Symbolab and offering up specialist results for students, mathematicians, scientists and anyone else looking for answers in the mathematical and scientific realm. Well that's Google screwed then. [TheNextWeb]

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