One more thing: Samsung brings darkness to Super Bowl

One more thing: Samsung brings darkness to the Superbowl
Like news but in pants, we mean briefs

With the world and his wife watching the Super Bowl last night, you'd think that Samsung would be on to a winner snapping up one of the coveted half-time advertising slots. But did the Apple-baiting Galaxy Note promo work?

Well, we reveal all below and also offer up a bounty of other links for you to saviour and devour in equal measure.

Bum Note – "I believe in a thing called love," sang the Darkness in Samsung's Super Bowl advert which went on to mock Apple lovers by waving the oversized Galaxy Note in their faces and pointing out the device used a pen. A pen!

Judging by the reaction on Twitter, this may be one Apple mocking too far with the micro-blog not showing much love for the ad – instead of Samsung trending, the Palm Pilot was. Snigger. [Twitter]

False start Microsoft may be about to get rid of the start button for Windows 8. This is according to those who have tried out the Consumer Preview of the new OS. Rumours that it is to replace it with Mr Clippy are so far unsubstantiated. [The Verge]

Virgin on the ridiculous – Virgin has announced that it is now offering its 100Mbps broadband service to 10 million people. Which is great and detracts nicely from the fact that it is to up its broadband prices in April. [Pocket-Lint]

Limewire under fire – Poor old Limewire – not content with pretty much killing the site off, the MPAA wants to bleed it dry by announcing it is suing it for hosting 53 infringed works. Don't they know that all the cool companies are suing Megaupload? [TorrentFreak]

Lilyhammer don't hurt 'em – The BBC has announced that it has signed up the Netflix-funded series Lilyhammer. It may not sound that significant but this is a bit like Anna Nicole Smith marrying that old man and kissing him. With the old man being the BBC and Netflix being Anna Nicole Smith. Seriously, think about it, it is… [Guardian]

Jaw-dropping – an 83-year-old woman has had her jaw replaced by one which was created by a 3D printer. We told you the Pirate Bay's Physible section was good for something. [Wired]

White lightning – The Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Nokia Lumia 800 are now both available in white. Which is great if you like white things. Personally, we hate white things as it reminds us of snow and that is what made us late for work this morning. [Press release]


Big in China – Android is massive in China, with the ZTE Blade announced as the second-best selling phone in the country last summer. Incidentally, our great grandmother was big into china cups. True fact. [Forbes]

Supreme Tweets – The UK Supreme Court has gone and sorted itself out with a Twitter account. Let's hope it doesn't joke about bombing things or it may see itself in the, er, Supreme Court. [TNW]

Google turns into Sherlock – A new mysterious site from Google has arrived which is apparently the place that the "curious can go to hear and discuss radical technology ideas for solving global problems". Which is a bit like Twitter if you exchange the words 'radical technology ideas for solving global problems' with 'rubbish'. []

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