One More Thing: Email accidents abound at Facebook

One More Thing: Email accidents abound at Facebook
Well, at least everyone knows about the Facebook email addresses now

"Whoops" - Facebook is fixing a bug that accidentally wiped email contacts on some mobile apps, unintentionally replacing them with email addresses. Insert sarcastic air quotes wherever you see fit. [BBC]

Something something cider, something something strudel - Apple is adding a new food and drink section to the app store in the next few weeks. It's meant to house apps for cooking, mixology and food-based socialising, but not diet, shopping, coupon or food-related games. Okay? [9to5Mac]

Has bean - Given that OMT hasn't worn weather-appropriate clothing since the first glimpses of sunshine in March, we can barely pass judgement on the Jelly Bean Android that moved into the lawn outside Google HQ in California getting so hot that its "head partially melted and popped off". But at the same time, you did know it gets hot in California, Google. Especially in July. We mean, you live there all the time. Come on. [Google+]

Melted jellybean

Image credit: Dan Morrill on Google+

Expect the unexpected - After coming up with some truly humourless app ideas last week, Bo Jo has announced a real live iOS app (Android to follow). The London Official City Guide is an official Boris-sanctioned guide to London intended mainly for Olympics visitors, we suppose. [iTunes]

Phone finder general - We wouldn't say the mobile phones of South London are exactly safe now, but at least one prolific smartphone thief is off the streets for five years. Jayde Grant was found guilty of stealing 12 mobile phones from out of the hands of their owners but was identified through DNA and CCTV footage. [ITV]

My tea's gone cold - Sales of digital singles and albums were up in the second quarter of the year although album sales as a whole are down. But don't worry, BPI boss Geoff Taylor says, "The second half of 2012 is looking very promising for music fans with big releases anticipated from The Killers, Plan B, Joss Stone, Mumford & Sons, Robbie Williams, Muse, David Guetta, Van Morrison, Pet Shop Boys, Dido, One Direction and The Vaccines." Dido. Lol. [CMU]

50 shades of Dre – Beats Electronics has decided that what it should do next is acquire Mog. Not the black cat from Meg And Mog, but the music streaming service. Beats is aiming squarely at providing an 'end-to-end' music solution to its headphone-loving customer base. [PR]

Old sport - Sort of just in time for the summer of sport, Eurosport is going HD on Sky. Eurosport will get a simulcast HD channel from July 25 with Eurosport 2 hitting HD from September 3. The two new HD channels will be available only to customers on the Sky Entertainment Extra package with HD. 3D customers will also get the Olympics in 3D on Sky 3D. This is basically Sky saying, "We like sportz and we don't care who knows." [PR]

3D overload - Speaking of 3D, the BBC Proms finale will be broadcast in 3D as well which seems a bit pointless to us but we guess it'll make the trombones look good. [The Drum]

Now that's what we call gumption – Back in the early '90s, sacked Apple engineer Ron Avitzur successfully snuck back onto the Apple campus repeatedly to finish a software project that had been canned, doing such a bang up job that it ended up shipping with the PowerPC in 1994. It's a pretty amazing story of two regular guys putting in six months of covert unpaid labour for the benefit of a multinational corporation (albeit a struggling one at the time). And movie in 5, 4, 3… [Pacifict via Slashgear]

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