Add more cowbell to your music

more cowbells
More cowbells, more Walken, please

Is your music collection lacking that Ingredient X? Are thousands of MP3s sitting listlessly on your computer and PMPs, listless and forlorn?

There may be a solution. Cowbells. And Christopher Walken.

In the loosest sense, science has proven that these two factors can put the lead back in your music's collective pencil.

Bunch of comedians

This was demonstrated by a Saturday Night Live sketch from back in 2000, which has been voted one of the show's most popular ever. The long-running show is an American institution that features comedians in sketches that appear to have been written quickly in the preceding few minutes.

The skit in question featured Christoper Walken playing music producer Bruce Dickinson alongside Will Ferrell as a fictional cowbell player, showing the band Blue Oyster Cult's attempts to record a song.

From that momentous episode the popular term 'More Cowbells' was born and Christopher Walken finally ditched Russian Roulette as his game of choice for house parties.

The happiness which that skit brought to the free world, can now be replicated in bite-sized chunks thanks to – a website that allows you to add cowbells and Christopher Walken to the uploaded MP3 of your choice. Crucially, clever sliders allow you to adjust the level of Walken or Bell that suits your personal needs.

It will change your life.*

* Offer subject to taste and mental age