Great tech innovators: JK Shin

Great tech innovators: JK Shin
Great tech innovators: JK Shin
  • Age: 59
  • Know for: Samsung
  • Quote: "Our goal was simple, we wanted the most beautiful smartphone in Samsung's history and the most advanced smartphone in the world."

Samsung's range of Galaxy smartphones has, along with the Apple iPhone, transformed the mobile market. And the man in charge of that transformation is JK Shin.

JK Shin has been with Samsung since 1984 and is currently in charge of everything to do with Samsung's Galaxy range of phones - from design to software, as well as being co-CEO of the company.

The Galaxy range has been JK Shin's project from the beginning but it was with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S II, a completely redesigned version of the Samsung Galaxy S, at Mobile World Congress in 2011, that changed everything for Samsung Mobile. The phone went on to sell over 20 million units. The next year, the Galaxy S3 went on to sell 55 million units.

By 2013, Samsung's held a 26 per cent marketshare in the mobile phone market, selling around 445 million units.

The Galaxy range has continued to expand, with the launch of the Note, Alpha and Edge range, the latter showing off the company's curved OLED technology.

Although Samsung has felt the effects of increased competition in the mobile market, innovation like the S6 Edge will be key to Samsung's success in the market - and this will continue to be driven by JK Shin.

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