Nest is now out to control your entire home

Google-owned Nest has announced a bunch of new partnerships that will see the system get control over much more of your home.

There is now a family of 'works with Nest' devices that can be controlled through the Nest app. They are wide-ranging too, including the August Smart Lock, Philips Hue lights, LG smart appliances and the Withings Aura sleep system, to name just a few of the full 15.

The new partnerships make a giant leap towards the 'smart home' of the future, not to mention a few dodgy horror films of the past.


Nest has detailed a few obvious ways these partnerships could work: locks that automatically kick in when you leave the house, or having the multi-coloured Hue light act as an alert of something you need to act on in another part of the home.

It's clever stuff, and we'll continue to see these partnerships develop in 2015. For example, Whirlpool appliances are getting in on Nest in April and Big Ass Fans will join the club in February.

Until now there were just two main parts to the Nest system: a smart thermostat and a smoke/carbon monoxide detector.

However, the 'works with Nest' development shows that, like so many other Google products, the system and infrastructure matters at least as much as the core hardware involved.

While we've not yet had a chance to check out the new cross-device features, Nest says they'll start working from today.

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Andrew Williams

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