Google reveals the drones that will battle Amazon for control of our skies

Project Wings
These weigh 10kg each. Your air rifle is no threat

In the prudent words of Batman's nemesis Bane, return to your homes, hold your families close, and wait - Google has begun testing its delivery drones of the future.

That might be a tad dramatic, Google's drones are actually pretty neat. Named Project Wing, the trialing project is being carried out by Google X, G's top secret research division.

The hope is to one day use these drones for delivering goods to our homes. And if this all sounds familiar, it's because Amazon is doing the same with its Prime Air delivery drones, also in the development phase.

But Google's mini aircraft look a bit more elegant than Amazon's, sporting wings that span 1.5m in total and four propellers.


Google's been testing the delivery craft in Queensland, Australia, due to the more lax laws on flying robots. The use of commercial drones is pretty restricted in the US at present but Amazon and other parties are lobbying to change that.

There's no guarantee when we might see delivery drones from Google and Amazon actually take off. But as the old saying goes: Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land smouldering in someone's back garden.


Hugh Langley

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