Film focus: the fantastic technology behind the movies

Film focus: the technology behind the movies
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Technology and moviemaking have gone hand in hand since the first films hit the big screen over a century ago.

But over the last few years, the movie industry has gone through some massive changes. The push from celluloid to digital has changed the way movies have been made, while special effects have improved at a stunning rate thanks to infinite improvements in software and computational power.

And things are still changing at a pace. The introduction of 4K has not only revolutionised what is happening on the big screen but has dripped into homes, too. Frankly, as this year's Oscars have shown with Gravity scooping up seven awards, there has never been a better time for technology in movies.

TechRadar has been lucky enough to track the changing face of movies and bring your features about the films that have push the boundaries of what film can do. We have met our heroes and talked to the unsung heroes of cinema who have created some of film's greatest-ever moments.

We may not have a red carpet to roll out and you may not be wearing your favourite dress but do check out the features below. We are sure they will tell you everything you need to know about the making of some fantastic movies and hopefully a little bit more...

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