Windows 10 October 2018 Update remains unloved, installed on only 6.6% of PCs

Windows 10 October 2018 Update

The latest update for Windows 10 continues to deploy at a snail’s pace, at least according to the most recent statistics produced by AdDuplex.

The ad company, which monitors Windows 10 versions by analyzing the make-up of desktop PCs that run its adverts (via Microsoft Store apps), found that only 6.6% of machines are running the very latest Windows 10 October 2018 Update.

That has more than doubled since November, when the figure was at 2.8%, but it’s still a pitifully small user base considering that the update began to roll out at the beginning of October – some three months ago now.

Obviously this is only a representative sample of certain PCs, but it truly pales compared to AdDuplex’s figures for the previous April 2018 Update, which was on half of all Windows computers in just a month.

Slow coach

Why has the October 2018 Update been so slow to roll out? Well, as you probably noticed, it was paused for over a month due to major gremlins in the works – including a highly worrying bug that deleted user data – and issues have persisted even after the rollout resumed mid-November.

Plus as we’ve seen recently, the October 2018 Update is still blocked on certain PCs, and continues to encounter roadblocks to this day, so really it isn’t surprising to hear that the April 2018 Update remains on 83.6% of PCs according to AdDuplex.

With the New Year underway, Microsoft will doubtless be looking to speed up the rollout process, but at the same time the software giant can’t afford to push things too hard and see more problems with bugs pop up – because the reputation of this latest update is already in tatters as it is.

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