We could find out when iPhone 8 goes on sale from Apple's earnings call tomorrow

Tomorrow's Apple earnings call could talk about iPhone 8, even if CEO Tim Cook won't mention the new phone by name. He could, however, still unlock its biggest mystery.

All iPhone 8 release date rumors point to either a routine September launch or one that's delayed to October, November or even into a 2018 time frame.

Waiting to know whether or not we'll be waiting for the new iPhone is the worst part. First world flagship phone problems, amiright?

So we're going to listen closely to Cook's comments for one specific thing: are flat iPhone sales expected to recover in any part of September?

What to listen for tomorrow

You see, Apple's earnings calendar started on September 25, 2016 and it ends two months from now, on September 30, 2017. This is perfect timing for everyone but Apple's SVP of surprises (not a real role).

During last quarter's conference call, Cook warned of a 'pause in purchases on iPhone' due to 'frequent reports about future iPhones.' Oops, that's on us.

Is he now going to expect a slight uptick in sales in September? Or will his pause comments be repeated, with all sales reserved for October to December, when Apple's next fiscal calendar begins?

Even though Apple leaked the iPhone 8 design highlights itself this week, don't expect Cook to refer to the brand new iPhone by its name.

Of course, you don't have to listen into Apple's third quarter conference call for a preview of its iPhone 8 expectations. We'll report the news as it happens.

Matt Swider