Here's how to access the secret Apple Watch App Store from your iPhone

Apple Watch app store on iPhone
Lucky number seven
  • Update: The Apple Watch App Store is now accessible by one and all within the Watch app, though the seven taps still switch up the bottom interface for some reason.

Apple Watch shipments arrive tomorrow to customers who pre-ordered the smartwatch two weeks ago and are likely camping out in front of their doorstep right now.

But some of the best Apple Watch apps are already available to download today, albeit in a hidden menu that's only available on the iPhone so far.

Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, Uber and The New York Times are among the first apps that can be downloaded to the phone and, for now, seen in screenshot form.

Apple Watch apps how to download

While most Apple Watch apps are free, a few like Flight Track and Green Kitchen cost money. But you won't have to repay for these apps if you have already downloaded them on your iPhone.

How to access the secret Apple Watch app menu

How do you see and download these Apple Watch apps right now? It turns out, the menu is hiding in plain sight on your iPhone, whether or not you have an Apple Watch.

Navigating to the new and iOS 8.2-required Watch app, you reveal can the secret list of apps by tapping the "App Store" tab in the bottom right corner seven times, discovered The Verge.

Apple Watch apps launch

Apple Watch apps how to download

There, the Apple Watch App Store has a homepage and a category list that breaks the apps up into the usual segments of Business, Games, Health and Fitness, News and so forth.

The Apple Watch app list is likely to grow tremendously when the company flips the switch in time for the official release date. In fact, there have been over 1,000 of these apps submitted, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Matt Swider