Fossil digs out six new stylish-looking smartwatches for its Q line

Smart Fossil Q watches
Smart meets traditional.

If the smartwatch market is in the doldrums then no one's told Fossil - the US accessory maker is continuing to push out new devices to its Q family of smart products, and this week there are several more to take a look at.

The four Smart Analog watches, two of which: the Q Tailor and the Q Nate, are shown above, are the most traditional-looking of the set. That small embedded display you can see tracks your steps and apparently they can display notifications and incoming calls too.

There's a 'smart button' too for controlling other devices and they'll work with Android phones and iPhones too. Fossil says the four new models are coming "this fall" but there's no word on a price yet.

Wander lust

Fossil Android Wear

Fossil has also unveiled two new Android Wear watches, the Q Wander (left) and the Q Marshal (right). You get all the usual Android Wear goodies, like smart Google Now alerts and voice commands.

By buying a Fossil watch though, you're buying a certain amount of style as well - the company says you'll be able to customize the timepieces with "exclusive Fossil dials" and interchangeable straps. Oh, and there's wireless charging thrown in for good measure too.

Like other recent Android Wear devices, the watches work with both iPhones and Android phones, and they'll both set you back US$275 (roughly £195/AU$370). 44mm and 46mm sizes are going to be available and you can expect to see the watches show up sometime later in 2016.

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