Could this be the new, more beautiful Moto 360?

Moto 360 2nd gen
Hey good lookin'

As the first circular Android Wear watch the Moto 360 certainly impressed in terms of style, but a better successor was always inevitable. It looks like that successor might be here sooner rather than later, as an image of it has apparently been spied.

The photo was posted to Weibo by none other than Lenovo's own CEO Yang Yuanqing, so it seems likely that it's the real deal.

It's since been removed, but not before it was spotted by MyDrivers, alongside a quote which translates roughly to "Moto 360, matching the arrival of the era of freedom, in the future we want to increase the store features a watch shop."

We'll take answers on a postcard as to what that means, perhaps it's hinting at more customisation options? That's certainly what the image itself seems to show, with a watch that looks a lot like the Moto 360 but seemingly with two different sizes available.

Small and colourful

The larger one looks like it's probably around the size of the current Moto 360 and then there's another slightly smaller option, a promising sign for anyone who finds the current model too chunktastic.

As well as two size choices there's a wider variety of colours on show, with straps and watch faces in various gold, silver, black, brown and grey shades.

The design of the watch appears slightly different to the current Moto 360 too, with lugs on either side of the face to connect the strap to, rather than attaching it underneath the body. That may also mean that it supports normal watch straps.

There are enough changes here that it looks likely that this is an entirely new smartwatch, rather than just a variant on the existing Moto 360, but sadly one thing seems to have stayed the same: the black bar beneath the screen, leaving it as not quite a full circle.

Hopefully the final version ditches that, as well as packing in a better processor and a bigger battery. With an image already in the wild we might know more soon.

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