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Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8 now available for pre-order

Hot off the heels of its international release for carriers, Samsung has begun pre-orders for the unlocked variants of its excellent Galaxy S8 and its larger next of kin, the Galaxy S8+ in the US.

Compared to the almost four-month wait for the Galaxy S7 to go unlocked, non-committal smartphone users have only waited weeks since Samsung’s highly anticipated flagship released. Now, US users who enjoy globetrotting or switching carriers at a moment’s notice will be able to do so with the unlocked version.

Pre-orders have begun at both Samsung’s website and Best Buy, though the unlocked S8 and S8+ won’t ship until May 31 in the US. The S8 will cost $724 and the S8+ will set you back a whopping $824 and apparently, each model will only be available in the midnight black color.

We’ll be keeping an ear to the ground for details regarding the unlocked variant arriving elsewhere around the world.