Apple-made smart TV may be in the works

Apple working on a different kind of Apple TV?
Apple working on a different kind of Apple TV?

Apple, obviously not content with invading the phone market and creating the tablet one, could have an HD web-connected TV in the works.

One analyst, Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley, reckons so. She reports that "checks in Asia suggest Apple is working on a Smart TV prototype."

A prototype does not a final product make, however, with no guarantee that the supposed existence of this model meaning we'll ever see an HDTV from Apple hit the market.

Apple TV

Huberty is more convinced, however, calling the rumoured set "potentially the next new product category" and predicting that the Apple-made television could take a one per cent share of the global TV market by 2013.

With the emphasis now moving to 'smart' or web-connected televisions and manufacturers like Samsung already concentrating on apps for the idiot box, it makes sense for Apple to be investigating the arena.

A job posting on Apple's website which mentioned TV surfaced in February this year and added fuel to the Apple-made television fire.

But let's not forget that Apple already has one television product on the market: Apple TV.

Although Apple's set top box was revamped last year, it is yet to take over the living room in the way that Apple no doubt hoped it would.

Via AppleInsider and SlashGear

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