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Black Friday toy deals 2021: discounts on Lego, Hot Wheels, Playmobil and more

Black Friday toy deals
Black Friday toy deals (Image credit: Future)

It's official - Black Friday 2021 (November 26) is here and with it we're seeing loads of Black Friday toy deals, so numerous popular toys and gifts have been discounted (for a limited time).

The Black Friday deals have been a long time in the making, because some reductions started weeks in advance, but with the dark week-ender now properly here, we're seeing the bulk of the sales now.

We've seen lots of Black Friday Lego deals too, if that's more your thing - we've included some sets here, but if you click that link you'll see our hub with hundreds of discounts.

Now that Black Friday is here, there are no more toy deals to wait for - we probably won't see Cyber Monday bring much - so if you see a discount that you like, it's worth pulling the metaphorical trigger on it.

Whether you're looking for a birthday or Christmas gift for a loved one, or just want something for yourself (no judgment here), the Black Friday toy deals below cover loads of bases. We've got offers on Playmobil, Lego, Barbie, Sylvanian Families, Hot Wheels, branded action figures and more, so there's something for everyone across all age groups.

Toy deal quick-links

Best toy sellers in the US:

Best toy sellers in the UK:

Today's best toy deals in the US

Nerf Fortnite B-AR Motorized Dart Blaster: $40

Nerf Fortnite B-AR Motorized Dart Blaster: $40 $30 at Walmart (save $10)
There's $10 off this Fortnite-themed Nerf gun which shoots darts that come with the thing. It's a good gift for someone who's a fan of the game and likes shooting weapons, though expect some of those darts to hit you.

Paw Patrol Ultimate Paw Transport: $109

Paw Patrol Ultimate Paw Transport: $109 $95 at Walmart (save $14)
This is a decen Paw Patrol deals we've seen so far - the transport vehicle can hold smaller Paw Patrol vehicles, making it a good big present.

Lol Surprise OMG Movie Magic Studios: $136

Lol Surprise OMG Movie Magic Studios: $136 $98 at Amazon (save $38)
If you're looking to buy a really expensive, but expansive, Lol Surpise set, this 28% discount might make the Movie Magic Studios set a tempting idea. It includes 12 dolls and loads more.

eKids Star Wars Millennium Falcon Portal Speaker: $40

eKids Star Wars Millennium Falcon Portal Speaker: $40 $34 at Best Buy (save $6)
This Bluetooth speaker could be a perfect gift for a Star Wars fan; it looks like the Millennium Falcon but plays music streamed from a phone or similar device.

Nerf Fortnite Pump SG Blaster: $29

Nerf Fortnite Pump SG Blaster: $29 $24 at Walmart (save $5)
Pick up the Nerf Fortnite Pump SG Blaster for $5 off with this early Black Friday deal, offering 17% off the list price for the dart gun made to look just like weapons found in the iconic video game.

Tytan Magnetic Learning Tiles Building Set: $40

Tytan Magnetic Learning Tiles Building Set: $40 $29 at Walmart (save $11)
If you like nice, easy-to-use building sets (that aren't Lego or Duplo), then maybe this magnetic geometric version will be good - it has panels in a few different shapes and colors that you can clip together to make bigger constructs.

Star Wars remote control Baby Yoda: $65

Star Wars remote control Baby Yoda: $65 $46 at Best Buy (save $19)
You see many Baby Yoda dolls on the web, including during Black Friday, but this one is different, in that it's remote-controlled. Almost $20 off makes a good gift more affordable.

Thomas & Friends Trains & Cranes Super Tower: $100

Thomas & Friends Trains & Cranes Super Tower: $100 $90 at Amazon (save $10)
This giant Thomas the Tank Engine set comes with loads of trains and is motorized with many moving parts. $10 off isn't loads, but it makes the big toy slightly more affordable.

2. KidKraft Uptown Espresso Wooden Play Kitchen: $199.99

2. KidKraft Uptown Espresso Wooden Play Kitchen: $199.99 $99 at Walmart
Save $100 -
Walmart's early Black Friday sale has this top-rated play kitchen from KidKraft on sale for a fantastic price of just $99. That's the best deal we've seen and an incredible price for a play kitchen that includes a chalkboard and 30-piece play food accessories.

4. Barbie Estate 3-In-1 Dreamcamper Vehicle: $99.99

4. Barbie Estate 3-In-1 Dreamcamper Vehicle: $99.99 $60 at Walmart
Save $40 -
If you're looking to save on this year's hottest Barbie toy, Walmart's Black Friday sale has the 3-in-1 dream camper vehicle on sale for just $60. The Barbie dream camper includes 60 different play pieces and features multiple transformations and hidden surprises for hours of fun.

Catan:  $55

Catan: $55 $22 at Amazon
Save 60% on Catan, one of the best board games of all time, right now at Amazon. This $33 saving is a huge discount and we doubt we'll see a bigger one this Black Friday.

Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar: $40

Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar: $40 $32 at Target
Save $8 -
The newest version of the eternally-popular Harry Potter Lego advent calendar is available for $8 off at Target, and we'd recommend picking it up, because these things can easily sell out over Black Friday.


Melissa & Doug Let's Play House: $35.79 $20.39 at Amazon
Save $15.40 -
A great gift idea, Amazon's early Black Friday sale has the best-selling Melissa & Doug Let's Play House cleaning set on sale for just $20.39, which is the lowest price we've seen in months. The six-piece wooden playset includes a broom, mop, duster, brush, and organizing stand.


Hover-1 H1 Electric Self-Balancing Scooter 9 mph max speed - Iridescent: $269.99 $199.99 at Best Buy
Save $70 -  Hover-1 is one of the biggest hoverboard manufacturers and this is one of its best models, with a top speed of 9mph and a nine-mile range. With a $70 discount on Best Buy, this is a fantastic Black Friday deal.

Today's best toy deals in the UK

Playskool Mr Potato Head: £10

Playskool Mr Potato Head: £10 £9 at Amazon (save £1)
This toy will be popular for Toy Story fans - it's the classic Mr Potato Head character, and it seems pretty accurate to the film. You can remove and re-arrange the facial features, and store them all in the potato body.

Winnie The Pooh Plush: £10

Winnie The Pooh Plush: £10 £7 at Amazon (save £3)
Get someone you care about this cuddly Winnie The Pooh - it's 35cm so it's a bit bigger than many you see on the market, and is made of fluff and magic.

Barbie and Ken Dolls Fashion Set: £50

Barbie and Ken Dolls Fashion Set: £50 £30 at Smyths (save £20)
This doll set comes with Barbie, Ken, and loads of different clothes for the two dolls.

Nerf Fortnite GL Rocket-Firing Blaster: £60

Nerf Fortnite GL Rocket-Firing Blaster: £60 £30 at Argos (save £30)
This Nerf gun is based on the grenade launcher weapon from Fortnite, and it fires fist-sized nerf grenades around.  Probably only buy it for someone if they'll use it responsibly (read: not by firing it at you).


Pandemic: £33.32 £24.95 at Amazon
You maybe don't want to play a game about a pandemic right now but this discount from Amazon sure is tempting, knocking 26% off the full price. We could yet see a bigger discount though.

Playmobil Action Dino Hovercraft: £22

Playmobil Action Dino Hovercraft: £22 £17 at Amazon (save £5)
This adventure-themed hovercraft comes with two rugged-looking figures as well as a little raptor. The boat has a motor so it actually floats and moves about in water.

Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash Track Set: £50

Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash Track Set: £50 £30 at Argos (save £20)
This is a pretty big Hot Wheels set which offers you the chance to defy gravity - well, to let the cars do so - and it loops round on itself like some kind of perpetual motion machine.

Sylvanian Families Grand Department Store: £80

Sylvanian Families Grand Department Store: £80 £40 at Amazon (save £40)
There's 50% off this giant Sylvanian Families doll set, based on a department store (as the name suggests). This is one of the most frequently-discounted SF sets, and although it's actually been cheaper before, 50% off is still a steal.

Minecraft Figure Multipack: £30

Minecraft Figure Multipack: £30 £22 at Argos (save £18)
Fans of Minecraft Dungeons will recognize the characters here - though if you're only familiar with standard Minecraft you might be wondering who hammer-lady or key-blob are.

Star Wars Grogu Plush Toy:  £14.99 at Amazon

Star Wars Grogu Plush Toy: £14.99 at Amazon
Grogu, otherwise known as 'Baby Yoda' can be yours this Black Friday with this lovely little plush toy. There's no big price cut at Amazon today, but it's highly reviewed and sure to be flying off the shelves due to the popularity of the Mandalorian. Even if you're not a Star Wars fan you've got to admit - he's pretty damn cute. Also, if you want your Grogu to make noises and have sounds, there's an animatronic version on sale today at Amazon for £44.99 (25% off).

Argos Peppa Pig sale: up to half-price on all items

Argos Peppa Pig sale: up to half-price on all items
Peppa Pig playsets, dressing tables, Family house sets, and dolls are all included with significant savings in this week's Argos Black Friday sale. There's a huge array of reasonably priced toys here that cover pretty much anything a girl from age 5 to 10 would ask for Christmas. From what we've seen, Argos looks to have the lowest prices at the moment on this large range of girl's toys.

Kindi Kids Rainbow Kate and Cutie Cake doll set: £40

Kindi Kids Rainbow Kate and Cutie Cake doll set: £40 £20 at Argos
Now, we haven't tried this Kindi Kids doll set personally but it looks like a pretty great deal to us considering it's half price and so highly reviewed at Argos. This particular set includes two sister dolls with changeable clothes and a scented rainbow cake smell. The baby also comes with a little dummy, and, will also blow kisses if you squeeze its tummy.

LOL Surprise large art set: two for £15 at Argos

LOL Surprise large art set: two for £15 at Argos
This large Lol Surprise art set is perfect if you have a creatively inclined little girl who's loves colouring, drawing, or making collages. You can get two for £15 right now making it the perfect gift if you know someone else would love it too. Thanks to the included stickers and card stencils you could even make a couple of cards in time for Christmas too.

Lego Classic Creative Building Bricks Box Set: £39.97

Lego Classic Creative Building Bricks Box Set: £39.97 £20 at Asda
Save £19.97
– A impressive value box set for first-time builders or long-time collectors looking to top-up their collection of bricks. This set includes over 1,200 pieces of multiple coloured bricks, plus seven build ideas to get youngsters started. With all those bricks, though, be careful where you walk barefoot.

Lego Architecture Taj Mahal: £89.99

Lego Architecture Taj Mahal: £89.99 £71.99 at John Lewis
Save £18
– One for the more ambitious builders out there, this Lego Taj Mahal set contains over 2000 pieces to create the iconic marble mausoleum from Agra. At 20cm high, 23cm wide and 23cm long, you'll be able to tackle the crypts, chambers, arches and balconies of this complex building.

Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Fluffy Encounter: £34.99

Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Fluffy Encounter: £34.99 £28 at Amazon
Save £6.99
– This affordable Lego set comes with three mini-figures of Harry, Ron, and Hermione, plus Fluffy, the three-headed dog and guardian of the Philosopher's Stone. Five different modules can also be connected in various ways to create your own customisable section of Hogwarts.

Hungry Hungry Hippos Launchers:  £21.99

Hungry Hungry Hippos Launchers: £21.99 £13.19 at Amazon
Save £9 - OK, hands up - who hasn't played Hungry Hungry Hippos? And, if not, why not? It's one of the best kids games out there and even better still, Amazon's got a really nice little price cut for Black Friday currently. If you're unfamiliar with the concept it's quite simple - there are hippos at the center of the board who are hungry but can't sit still. The solution? Watermelons and a catapult of course. First to feed their hippo five times wins. Easy.

Catan board game:  £40.90

Catan board game: £40.90 £32.99 at Amazon
Save £8 - Settlers of Catan is a classic board game that's suitable for both adults and children and a great alternative to the same-old Monopoly and Cluedo-type games you often play with the family at Christmas. Build, trade, and explore new land as you take control of a fledgling civilisation on the island of Catan. We've played this one, we love it, and we're sure you will too if you're looking for something a bit more involved.

Gloomhaven role-playing game:  £139.99

Gloomhaven role-playing game: £139.99 £74.90 at Amazon
Save £65.09 - Speaking of involved games, Gloomhaven is a recently released RPG board game that's absolutely taking the industry by storm this past year or so. With utterly gorgeous art, figurines, and an incredibly engaging story, this is a great game for a committed family or group of friends to while away those winter evenings with. While a big game, this one's actually super simple to play and features a huge array of really interesting missions (90+) to play through.

Tips for buying toys online during Black Friday

What you need to know about the Black Friday toy deals

Black Friday is the perfect time to start shopping for toys for your little one, or even for older collectors and enthusiasts – especially this year. Normally Black Friday presents a great opportunity to nab loads of toys at heavily discounted prices, often making Christmas shopping a breeze when done online, but this year may present special challenges as global supply chain shortages may make toys harder to come by. In the UK, this may be exacerbated by the Brexit-caused lorry difficulties, as the BBC reported.

This year, Black Friday is taking place on November 26. In the US, it's already a busy time of year due in no small part to Thanksgiving celebrations, but both US and UK buyers should take note if they want an opportunity to make Christmas and holiday shopping as stress-free as possible.

According to statistics site SpendMeNot, toys are among the most purchased items during Black Friday. That's somewhat understandable, considering the term covers a fairly broad range of items, but the site also noted that US retailer Walmart were popular with Disney's Frozen and Ryan's World toys and games.

Last year's Black Friday in the UK was particularly big for Osmo and Lego toys, games and sets. The former is a relatively modern series of educational products for children, while the latter should need no introduction. We expect big discounts to continue for these brands and more during this year's Black Friday sales period.

We've only seen a few deals yet, which we've listed below. Until the really outstanding deals start rolling in, we can point you to the top online retailers to look in both the US and UK to scope out the toys you'll want to pick up when they're discounted later. Here's where to look:

When will the best Black Friday toy deals start in 2021?

Last year, we saw toy deals from many different retailers go live well ahead of the official Black Friday date. This isn't uncommon, and we fully expect this to be the case in 2021, with deals potentially going live a week or two ahead. You may see toy deals go up especially early to help consumers get ahead of the curve when it comes to Christmas shopping.

Of course, we'll be updating the site and our social channels as and when Black Friday toy deals go live, meaning you won't miss out if you keep an eye on our coverage.

Where are the best places to find Black Friday toy deals in 2021?

There's going to be a very wide range of retailers selling all kinds of toys, games and playsets this Black Friday. In the US, chief among them is likely to be Amazon and Walmart, as well as Best Buy, Target and brand outlets themselves such as Playmobil's official website.

In the UK, retailers like Argos, Smyths Toys and The Entertainer routinely feature great Black Friday deals. Last year, Argos hosted huge half-price discounts on popular Nintendo, Minecraft and Disney toys, for example.

What Black Friday toy deals do we expect to see in 2021?

The Osmo brand really hit its stride last year, and we expect its success to continue as it finds its way into the hands of more young learners this year. Stalwarts such as Lego, Playmobil, Star Wars, Disney and more similarly aren't going anywhere. Once again, Black Friday 2021 will be an opportune time to get your hands on toys from popular brands aimed at all ages.

What should I look for when buying a toy on Black Friday?

Toys can be tricky to research on Black Friday for the average consumer, if only for the abundance of retailers all selling the same products at varying prices. It can be hard to know which retailers are offering any given toy at the lowest price.

If you're completely lost, Google Shopping is a great search engine for sifting through deals on any one toy. Here, you can compare prices and see which retailers offer the best deals, as well as availability, delivery costs and more.

But you may want to buy toys earlier than later this year – the shipping shortages affecting other markets may impact toy availability as well. The UK may have it even worse, as the Brexit-caused lorry difficulties could even make it harder to get toys from ports to shop shelves, according to the BBC.

Our advice: buy early, and hopefully you'll be able to get all the items on your shopping list.

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