There’s even more evidence the iPhone 8 will be all-screen on the front

iPhone 8 rumors are starting to come in thick and fast, with the latest reports  claiming the phone will come with super-slim bezels to allow for more screen on the front of the phone – and a new leak of the front panel gives further weight to that rumor.

Images from a listing on Chinese trading site Taobao claim to show the front panel for the phone, which matches recent leaks we've seen from a case render and a suspected hands-on image of an iPhone 8 dummy unit.

The front panel shows a small cut-out at the top for the speaker and front-facing camera, but there's nothing else cluttering up the screen, leaving more space for the display.

Pretty certain now

Although all the leaks point toward this full-screen front panel appearing on the iPhone 8, the source for this particular leak doesn't look that solid, as it's a listing on a sales website.

We can't confirm who's listed it and where the front panel has come from, but it does match leaks we've seen in the past from trusted sources, and it may be this kind of screen is used for Apple's next phone.

Other rumors for the iPhone 8 suggest it will come with a 5.8-inch AMOLED display, a Touch ID scanner on the rear and a new feature called 'Face ID', which seems to be similar to facial recognition security tech previously seen on some Android devices.

We may also see the iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus and iPhone 8 Plus at a launch event expected to happen in either September or October this year.

Via SlashLeaks

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