New iPhone 8 leak shows a convincing all-screen design, but questions remain

As the iPhone 8 release date nears, leaks and rumors for the anticipated smartphone are at an all-time high. And while certain specifics remain up in the air, like where in the world Apple has put the TouchID sensor, we’ve recently seen some consistency in terms of the general design of the phone.

Yesterday, we got a full-body shot of the iPhone 8 inside of a case. The leaked image displays a phone with nearly no bezels–only a small chunk of its front is reserved for the ear speaker, LED flash and front-facing camera. 

And today, we’re seeing a similar leak, which gives us a bit of confidence that we might actually be seeing the final iPhone 8 design.

Credit: TechTastic

The latest comes in from TechTastic and appears to show off the front and back of the upcoming Apple device. What’s shown here mostly falls in line  with what we’ve seen previously. 

As mentioned earlier, this leak also features the black lip of bezel of that dips down from the top of the phone. Its rear is stocked with the vertically-oriented camera array, a configuration that we’ve seen used on other phones that are prepped for augmented reality.

There's still confusion

When a phone’s so-called final design leaks, several more usually rush in to affirm or contradict the veracity of said leak. 

Today’s leak certainly adds confidence in terms of the front of the phone’s design, though the cases shown off in the same post have us scratching our heads.

In the case shown in the image below, the iPhone 8’s camera array appears to be arranged in a different, slightly more believable manner: two cameras tucked together, flanked by an LED flash and what looks like either a microphone or some sort of AR-aiding sensor. 

While it’s tough to tell exactly, this case’s fingerprint location resembles a photo we saw yesterday of supposed iPhone 8 models leaving Foxconn. 

Credit: TechTastic

Credit: TechTastic

Given that we’ve seen the same purported final iPhone 8 design pop up from multiple sources, it’s possible that what we’re seeing is indeed final. 

But it wouldn’t be surprising in the least to see that Apple’s got at least a few surprises up its sleeve.

Cameron Faulkner

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