New USB standard promises to double data transfer speeds

There may still be a sheen on USB-C, but already a new specification for all our gadgets, connectors and cables is on the way.

The USB 3.0 Promoter Group, an industry cohort with members including Apple, HP, Intel and Microsoft, today announced the pending release of USB 3.2, a new USB-C specification. 

The big deal here is that USB 3.2 allows for multi-lane operation, doubling the data throughput. 

This means more data flowing at faster speeds between hosts and devices, specifically up to two lanes of 5 Gbps or two lanes of 10 Gbps, according to the group

USB 3.2 will be compatible with USB 3.0 devices and below, and two-lane operation will work with current USB Type-C cables, so you don't have to swap your existing ones out to enjoy the perks of USB 3.2.

Still, the best way to get the most out of the new spec is to have a USB 3.2 host, USB 3.2 device and a certified USB-C cable working together. No shock there.

It's too early to tell what devices will feature the standard, but with a formal release planned for the USB Developers Day North America event in September, we'll likely hear plenty more about USB 3.2 and all its advantages in the months to come.

Via The Verge

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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