The weird and wonderful tech at IFA 2018

8K TVs, uber-powerful smartphones and a handful of headphones might be dominating the headlines at IFA 2018, but there's more to the show than classic consumer tech.  

Filmmakers James Barber and Hollie Hayton have been exploring some of the lesser worn parts of the Messe Berlin, where instant cameras and household robots sit alongside RGB peripherals and definitely-not-going-to-catch-fire "hover" shoes.

Check out what James and Hollie found on their travels in the video above.

For more on Philips TV, check out part two of the Extreme Earth series, where two lucky readers were offered the chance to join Philips on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Arizona desert.

The resulting 90-second 4K video and documentary are spectacular pieces of desert eye-candy that are well worth a watch.

For more from James and Hollie, click here to see what they made of Philips' latest 903 Series OLED at IFA.