Neverending YouView launch continues with new TalkTalk box

Neverending YouView launch continues with new TalkTalk box
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TalkTalk has unveiled a new Huawei-made YouView box which can be yours for free if you take out a £14.50/month TV package.

Free, aside from the £50 installation fee and monthly subscription, that is, echoing the prices laid out by BT earlier this month.

The box, which is made by Huawei, offers users access to catch up services like iPlayer and 4OD as well as digital TV recording like a traditional PVR.

All talk

Although the hardware was made by Huawei, TalkTAlk had input into the interface and EPG, which can scroll backwards through time by seven days.

For the first time on YouView, there's also the option to subscribe to pay TV channels like Sky's entertainment channels (for a further £5 a month) or nab film channels on a month-by-month basis (£15 a go) as well as enjoying TalkTalk's own content through its bespoke player.

Unfortunately the box offers users a fairly small 320GB hard drive which helps keep the costs of the box down but also means you'll have to be quite choosy about what HD programmes you tape.

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