TalkTalk YouView package pricing revealed, box comes for 'free'

TalkTalk YouView package pricing revealed, box comes for 'free
TalkTalk - offering up YouView

TalkTalk will be offering YouView boxes for no additional cost, if people who want the IPTV service are prepared to sign up for a lengthy contract for television, telephony and broadband.

The prohibitive cost of the first YouView boxes announced attracted much criticism, but the bundled offerings from BT and TalkTalk were always likely to be popular.

BT's bundle pricing is yet to be announced, but TalkTalk's financial results arrived with confirmation that the YouView box would be made available to TalkTalk Plus customers who pre-register for 'no additional monthly subscription'.

That's if customers agree to another two years on their deal, with new arrivals agreeing to an 18-month tie-in.


Dido Harding, chief executive of TalkTalk said: "It has been an encouraging start to the year. We continue to improve customer service and this has been reflected in a further reduction in complaints and churn.

"We returned to customer growth in June, despite longer lead times on connections, and our base of fully unbundled customers grew by 10% year on year in the quarter.

"This is a great base from which to launch our groundbreaking, free, TV service. TalkTalk Plus customers will, from today, be able to pre-register for their free YouView set top box with no additional monthly subscription."


TalkTalk revealed that it has just over one million subscribers to its plus package, and the package will include 12 months' membership of Lovefilm.

Also revealed was a deal with Sky to offer its premium content – including sport, movies and basic channels - on a 'flexible' monthly basis.

The cost of providing boxes will be high at first – TalkTalk suggested £140 per customer, but the hope is that it will stop existing customers from 'churning' to other providers and attract a whole new audience.

Of course, to get the box you will have to fork out £24 a month for a land-line and broadband, plus £50 for installation, but it's still likely to be an appealing package for some.

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