Swanky YouTube app arrives on Freesat, Netflix coming soon?

Swanky YouTube app arrives on Freesat, Netflix coming soon?
With YouTube on your TV, there's no excuse for BBC3 to exist

A brand spanking new YouTube app has landed on Freesat, and Netflix might not be far behind according to the subscription free UK satellite platform.

At a journalist round-table to showcase the wonders of an HTML5 platform and the very nice version 4 of the YouTube application, Head of Programming Development, Dan Chronnell suggested to TechRadar that the widely abused 'coming soon' tag was not inaccurate.

"We've obviously had discussions but we haven't made any announcements," said Chronnell. "We'll be looking forward at what our priorities are.

"I think our research suggests that people buy for three reasons: brand, content and cost. Adding content is a key tick in the box.

"For some audiences it's key to selling the service. Our goal is to sell as many Freesat receivers as we can."

Not an app hub

Although the decision to plump for HTML5 could pay dividends in terms of ecosystem, Freesat is not intending to become a platform that allows any old web app.

MD Emma Scott insisted that the offerings would all be about enhancing viewing content on televisions.

"We're a platform and not an app hub," she said. "We provide a linear service and a bit extra from a few big brands."

One of those brands is YouTube - and for those that have the awkwardly named enabled boxes, the service is well worth a look.

It not only offers a tidy interface, but also allows device pairing so you can control what you watch on your TV from YouTube using a phone or tablet.

Patrick Goss

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