Sony to roll out 'monolithic design' for all future products

Sony TV
Sony's 'monolithic design' TVs are certainly stylish

Sony is to apply its 'monolithic design' concept across all future products in order to boost its reputation for stylish tech, the firm told TechRadar.

Sony launched its monolithic design range with its top-end LED TVs back in 2010 and with recent consumer feedback putting design high on the list of most-wanted features in TVs, Sony told TechRadar in Tokyo today that it's applying the concept across its range of 2012 home entertainment products.

Sony originally only gave the monolithic moniker to the high-end TVs that had one sheet of glass across the front of the screen. And interestingly, the lower end TVs that don't have this full-on Gorilla Glass frontage are still not being referred to as monolithic.

But the slick lines, angles and surface textures are still being applied across the rest of the new products, from the new top of the range Blu-ray players…

monolithic blu-ray 3D active shutter specs…

monolithic specs entry level 3D Blu-ray players.

The entry level 3D Blu-ray players are manufactured from plastic but have been made to look and feel just like brushed aluminium…


The design stretches to the new Google TV box which will retail for around £200 and comes with a very cool remote control.

google tv

google tv

google tv

google tv

google tv

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