Sony DVD recorders lose Freeview access following firmware update

Sony DVD receorders lose Freeview access following firmwave update
Freeview? More like no view

Sony has admitted a 'major technical problem' with its line of DVD recorders after a firmware update caused thousands of users to lose access to Freeview service.

Update: Sony may have 'seemingly' blamed Arqiva for the issues but it insists it didn't mean to. A statement from the tech giant seeks to 'clarify' the issue:

"To clarify, Sony do not [sic] blame Arqiva for this, as the issue arose due to corrupt data originated by broadcasters, and how this data was processed by affected Sony devices.

"Sony has been working with the broadcasters to try to work out why this issue has occurred and how to remedy it."

If you'd like more information on the topic, Sony advises you to head on over to its Support Forums where it the advises you to try the age old remedy of turning it off and turning it on again.

Original story continues:

The firmware 1.70 update, sent to Sony's HDX boxes on Friday, seems to be the culprit with users writing to the BBC and taking to Sony's online forums to complain.

Amid moans regarding the lack of an official response, Sony used its official Twitter page to acknowledge it was doing everything possible to find a fix.

"A major technical issue has been flagged to our dedicated team. We will update you asap," the company replied to users of the social network.

Blame Arqiva

Sony also acknowledged the fault on its official support forums, seemingly blaming Freeview owner and provider Arqiva for the problem, while offering workarounds for affected users.

A member of the support team wrote: "It appears something has changed in the way that these devices are receiving EPG data from Arqiva, the people who own and operate the Freeview standard for the UK.

"So we are already trying to understand what has happened and how this can be rectified, realising that a large number of people have been affected."

In an update on Sunday morning, Sony also claimed the problem has been resolved for some users.

"Many users are reporting that the issue has been resolved and their devices are now able to correctly re-tune and received correct EPG date. Please post back if you are still experiencing problems," the company wrote.

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