Sky offering tailored commercial breaks, UK prays for fewer payday loan ads

Sky offering tailored commercial breaks, UK prays for less payday loan ads
Interesting ads? We'll believe it when we see 'em

We're all used to targeted ads following us around the internet, conveniently reminding us about the Xbox One listing we've been hovering over on Amazon for a month, but tailored TV ads? That's a new one.

With its new AdSmart tech, Sky hopes to relieve the pay tedium of payday loan and price comparison commercials by furnishing viewers with something they may actually be interested in.

Using factors like location and household demographics, Sky will replace the generic ad break with a more tailored offering that has been pre-downloaded to the Sky HD+ box over the satellite connection.

Now you may be seeing ads for local businesses and stuff that third-party data companies (insert the bit where we become concerned here) like Experian know you're in to, rather than that DFS commercial.

Polos are back!

Sky said AdSmart is coming to a fifth of households in the UK with companies like Tesco, Royal Bank of Scotland, Littlewoods, American Airlines and Audi already on board.

AdSmart will also mark the long awaited return to television of Polo mint adverts!

Anyone else remember those "Polo... the mint with the hole" adverts from the back in the day, voiced by Wallace from Wallace & Grommit?

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