Sky News widget to appear on...televisions

Sky News app on iPhone - coming to world of TV widgets
Sky News app on iPhone - coming to world of TV widgets

Sky has announced that its popular Sky News app will be available on internet-connected televisions using the Yahoo! Widget Engine.

The Sky News app has proven to be a success on the iPhone and iPod Touch, and convincd Sky of the value of apps.

It's an interesting route for Sky News - moving from television to the world of mobile apps and then back onto televisions via the fast-growing world of IPTV.


"Sky News is the first UK news organisation to develop such a widget, which delivers breaking news by text and images to users' TV sets, says Sky.

"It includes seven different categories of news: top stories, UK news, politics, sport, business, world news and showbiz news.

>"TV Widgets enable popular Internet services and online media to reach viewers with applications specifically tailored to the needs of the TV viewers.

"The Sky News TV Widget is powered by the Yahoo! Widget Engine and is available on Internet connected TV sets from Samsung.

"Users who select the TV Widget, will be able to instantly access the latest headlines and stories from Sky News, while continuing to enjoy whichever TV programme they're tuned into."

'Yet another app'

James Weeks, Executive Producer, New Media, for Sky News said: "Following hot on the heels of the hugely popular, and award-winning, Sky News iPhone app, we are delighted to announce yet another application which allows people to easily keep up with the latest news within the normal routine of their daily lives.

"Our internet connected TV Widget provides the ability for those with enabled TV's to quickly and effortlessly stay connected to Sky News, without having to choose to go online, switch channels, or boot up a PC when they are relaxing at home.

"It is part of our ongoing quest to bring Sky News direct to news consumers, wherever they are and however they want it."

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