Sky unveils its new high-def EPG

Sky's new-look EPG
Sky's new-look EPG

Sky has unveiled its eagerly awaited HD electronic programme guide – bringing a major overhaul to the look of its flagship HD service.

The new television guide was announced back in 2008, but the company insisted that they would not rush it out until they were happy with the look and feel of the EPG.

That moment, it appears, has finally arrived, with the first group of HD customers to receive the new look EPG on March 10.


"The launch of our -new on-screen guide means Sky+HD customers will now find it even easier to search, record and watch the thousands of hours of high definition programmes that only Sky+HD delivers," said Sky's Director of Strategic Product Development Gerry O'Sullivan.

The new guide brings a picture in picture – so that viewing can continue whilst the EPG is accessed, an improved now, next and later banner, a new series stack and an improved programme search.

There is also new functionality for the Record and Series Link function. 'Viewers can now record and Series Link at the touch of a button straight from the TV listings without having to go back to their planner.' Explains Sky.

Series link

'If the programme they'd like to record is part of a series, the new Series Link prompt will ask them if they would like to record it once or record the whole series," adds the release.

'Series Link can also be set from the TV Guide, or the Now, Next and Later banner, even while watching a programme.'

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