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HBO's standalone subscription service might cost $15 a month

Probably worth it just for True Detective though

HBO finally entered the modern age this week by announcing a standalone streaming service that customers will be able to subscribe to without a cable package.

The standalone HBO service is a joyous announcement for those frustrated with cable companies but who nevertheless want to enjoy HBO's quality programming.

One important question remains, though: how much will it cost?

According to The Information, the answer to that question is $15 per month.

A shade too much

As the site notes, that would make HBO's standalone service more expensive than competitors like Netflix, Hulu Plus and others - only by $6, yeah, but that might be enough to make a difference.

The problem appears to be that HBO doesn't want to undercut its existing pay TV package offering, which costs the same amount.

But will internet-only customers be put off by that price? We won't know for sure what this will really cost until it launches in 2015, so for now file this away under "hopefully going to change."