BBC iPlayer ups its game on the app side in the latest update

BBC iPlayer
New application update

The BBC has announced a new update to its TV and console applications, offering continued viewing across multiple devices, though mobile viewers will have to wait.

The updated app now also follows the browser-based application in that it allows you to jump into the live stream of any of the BBC's channels and start a currently-playing program from the start.

In order to get the Netflix-aping continuous viewing experience across a variety of different devices you'll need to sign into iPlayer with either a BBC ID or your Google or Facebook accounts. This will then mean you can shift between desktop and connected TV, and later mobile, apps while keeping the same experience.

The Live Restart feature will pop up a box overlaid on a currently broadcasting show offering the option to either continue watching or timeshift back to the start of the program.

Mobile app has to wait

These new features will appear first on the connected TV app, YouView, Roku, NOW TV, Amazon Fire TV and on the Xbox One console. Mobile versions of iPlayer will have the new features added in at a later date.

Taking another cue from the other TV streaming services, iPlayer will also now have a 'My Programmes' section in the app, which will detail the shows which you have started watching but haven't yet completed. It will also display the next episode in the series as well as other recommendations.

"This raft of new features promises to give users even greater control over their iPlayer experience," Head of BBC iPlayer, Dan Taylor-Watt, said, "ensuring they're never late for a BBC TV broadcast again and providing easy access to the programmes they're enjoying on BBC iPlayer whether at home or on the move".

The catch-up service on the wider applications is also following the browser-based app in offering a full 30-day catch-up as opposed to the week it's traditionally allowed viewers.