Apple TV update brings Yahoo Screen, PBS video apps to viewers like you

Apple TV Yahoo Screena and PBS apps
Yahoo and PBS are all of a sudden relevant again

The Apple TV isn't ready to grow up into an iTV set of its own quite yet, but the Cupertino company is still adding new apps to its tiny 1080p set-top box.

Case in point; Yahoo Screen and PBS are two video-filled apps that cater to different audiences and both are available for Apple TV starting today.

Yahoo Screen is filled with full-length clips from Saturday Night Live, Comedy Central and The Onion, putting comedy at the top of its list.

It's just one more way to watch clips of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report, or some of Comedy Central's other shows like Workaholics and South Park.

Yahoo Screen also has some fashion sense with Vogue, Fashion & Beauty, GQ, and Popsugar channels, and sports knowledge with sections devoted to college football, UFC and MLB.

PBS donations go digital

A little more highbrow, PBS is putting some of that viewer-supported money to good use for its digitally-inclined audience.

Its Apple TV app brings full-length episodes of Frontline, American Masters, Nature and Masterpiece.

Some of the content is extremely timely too, like American Experience's JFK, Nova's Cold Case JFK and Secrets of the Dead's JFK: One PM Central Time.

The PBS app on Apple TV can be personalized, just like the iOS app, providing easy access to favorites and locally produced shows, most of which is available within 24 hours of a broadcast.

Both the Yahoo Screen and PBS apps existed on iOS devices and in the case of Yahoo Screen, video content could be beamed to an Apple TV on the same network via AirPlay.

However, the native apps make Apple's set-top box a little more all-in-one, freeing up your iPhone 5S for more mindless Candy Crush to balance out whatever learning you get from PBS.

Matt Swider