No-one wants a ride on the Vista bus

Not many are planning on boarding the Vista bus...

A US poll has found that, while most net-heads are aware of Windows Vista , few want it with any haste. The Harris Poll of 2,223 tech-savvy adults found that 87 per cent were "aware" of Windows Vista. But only 12 per cent of them were intending to upgrade to the new operating system within the next year.

The stats do show that Microsoft 's advertising campaign for Vista was successful in the US, even if the respondents aren't planning to upgrade. They may, however, be planning on buying a new PC - in which case they'll get the new OS anyway.

The US poll also showed that 39 per cent of the upgraders were planning on upgrading their existing PC (good luck) to meet Windows Vista requirements, while 35 per cent planned to buy a new PC with Vista pre-installed - possibly delaying an earlier intended purchase because of the advent of the new operating system.

Just eight per cent were planning on installing the new OS on their existing PC without any other upgrades. You'd hope they all have reasonably new PCs.

Harris carried out a similar poll in December, which found that there was a 47 per cent awareness rating of Vista, with 20 per cent planning to upgrade

In the UK, the advertising campaign wasn't as far-reaching and there has been no similar research.


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