TenPlay becomes the first Australian first catch up service on the Apple TV

Tenplay on Apple TV
The crickets no longer chirp at Apple TV's Aussie service list

After years of being considered a hobby product, the Apple TV streaming box has finally begun delivering Australian catch up services, with Channel 10 this week launching TenPlay for the Apple TV.

The service automatically begun appearing in the app grid of the Apple TV, bringing access to Channel 10's collection of catch up programming across its One, Ten and 11 digital channels.

Full episodes of shows like The Project, I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and SharkTank are all available to stream minutes after broadcast.

While TenPlay is no stranger to a variety of platforms, with apps for iOS, Android, Xbox One and more, it has claimed the mantle of being the first Australian catch up TV service to launch on APple's little black box.

It's just not cricket

TenPlay may offer a massive glimmer of hope that Australian entertainment companies are beginning to leverage Apple's box, but it's not the first Australian app to get on the box.

That title actually goes to Cricket Australia, which launched a Cricket app earlier in January for the Apple TV.

The Cricket app offers a similar approach to sports catch up as the MLB and NBA, but without any live streaming.

Instead, cricket fans can enjoy news, highlights and archival footage via the Apple TV's interface.

TV of the future

With the arrival of Stan and Presto – and not to mention the impending launch of Netflix in Australia – the streaming market is becoming significantly more competitive, and accessing that content on the big screen is going to become increasingly important to users.

Devices like Fetch TV will be working hard to bridge the gap of customers who want to both watch broadcast TV and stream video, but if Apple can create a complete hub of streaming services down under, it will certainly help local uptake.

But still, the fact that Apple has launched two Australian streaming services this month is a promising development for the future of the device.

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