No more constant score checking as BBC Sport apps get real-time goal alerts

No more constant score checking as BBC Sport apps get real-time goal alerts?
Accrington Stanley? Ooaredey? Exactly!

The BBC Sport apps for iOS and Android have been given a rather notable update for football fans tracking their club's fortunes during the final nail-biting weeks of the season.

The apps now have the added bonus of real-time goal notifications for 150 domestic teams, allowing users to pick which they want to follow.

The notifications, which take inspiration from the BBC News Breaking News updates, can also notify fans of kick-offs, half-time scores and full-time results as they happen depending on which are subscribed to.

The BBC says it plans to add more alerts as time goes on, which would presumably include notable incidents like penalties, red cards.

Put the phone down!

The introduction of notifications will be much appreciated by football fans who find themselves glued to their smartphones when away from the home.

The BBC says 71 per cent of its traffic on weekends comes through the mobile app as users continually refresh the app to check on sporting events.

The knowledge that a timely alert will arrive when a goal is scored or the final whistle is blown may ease some of those sideways glances from family members when constantly viewing the app.

Those with a Samsung Gear smartwatch may also enjoy the new functionality.

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