Lasoo app update includes crowdsourced bargains

Lasoo app

Aussie price comparison site Lasoo has updated its iOS app to include a way to share the bargains its users find.

Dubbed, the new feature lets users photograph and price an item in store, plus scan its barcode to match it with the same product located by other users in the network and identify the location with the cheapest price or stores with value-adding bonuses.

Currently the update is only on iOS, but Android and Windows Phone versions are on the way.

Richer shopping experience

It's not just about price matching either, according to Lasoo's Daniel Salter.

"We also see it as a way for consumers to find out more information about the products they are purchasing," says Salter, describing how Lasoo app users can modify its database of products with additional information about a product, or create a new database entry if a product doesn't exist already.

Having users scan products will also help Lasoo assess what is popular amongst shoppers, and it will dedicate a new section of the app to the most scanned items.

This new fucntionality will sit alongside the tools from previous versions, including an extensive list of current catalogues from many of the major Australian retailers.