Sky’s ‘Something Magical’ looks set to be a huge 4K TV reveal

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Update: Sky is officially launching its own TV with no dish, QLED technology and Dolby Atmos built in - read everything you need to know about Sky Glass.

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We might not have much longer to wait before Sky’s “something magical” event, but that hasn’t stopped rumors from swirling in full force. 

Ahead of Sky’s 9am meeting event on Thursday, October 7, some publications have posted about the possibility of a new set-top box and a 4K TV. 

According to What Hi-Fi?, the Sky Q Box might be a dish-free Sky experience that will allow you to access your Sky service without a dish. That follows rumors of the Sky Q IP box that has been quietly tested in the wild, and bodes well for a full announcement tomorrow. 

In addition to a new set-top box, Sky could also release its own series of TVs called ‘Sky Glass’. These TVs will purportedly come in 43-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch sizes and start at around £650 (around $880 / AU$1,215). The TVs are rumored to work without a satellite dish and may come with a Dolby Atmos soundbar and HDR support built-in. 

Keep your eyes on the Sky 

In-depth rumors like these the day before an event are usually spot-on – however, we still wouldn’t bet the farm on them coming true. Plans can change at the last minute, after all. 

The silver lining to the report is that we won’t have long to wait to find out - Sky’s event will take place at 9am BST on October 7, which is less than a day away at this point. 

We’ll be covering the event as it happens, so be sure to stop back and visit to find out more about Sky’s incoming products, whatever they might be.

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