Here's the Silver Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in ten super-polished hands-on photos

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 silver

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a big 6.4-inch screen, massive 1TB-capable storage, and a handy Bluetooth-enabled S Pen – and now it comes in new colors.

Silver, or 'Cloud Silver' according to Samsung, is the latest color we got hands-on time with at TechRadar, and it really stands out with a clean metal finish. It's not as reflective as the mirror-like Midnight Black version, but it has a shiny sports car vibe to it. And surprise, it comes out first in the US, a country that often gets new colors last. Samsung is rectifying that with the Note 9, though it should come to the UK and other countries over time.

As you can see from our photo gallery (below) the front of the Note 9 remains black, with thin bezel at the top and bottom. You can still see the silver peeking around the sides, hinting at the shiny frame.

Note 9

The Silver Note 9 has a matching silver Bluetooth S Pen that writers in gray silver 'ink,' as demonstrated by the expertly written 'TechRadar' doodle you see before you.

Midnight Black is also coming to the US, after having launched in the UK and other countries on August 24, the original Note 9 release date. It's a late, but welcome arrival for anyone who wants an all-black version of the best Samsung phone.

The new colors join Lavender Purple and Ocean Blue, standout hues available in the US and UK since the beginning. The only one that hasn't come to the West is Metallic Copper. Curiously, there's not a gold or rose gold Note 9 – yet.

It used to be that Samsung launched muted colors first, and introduced stunning, more vibrant colors mid-cycle – much to every early adopters' distaste. Again, with the Note 9, the strategy has been different.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is among our best phones and the best gaming phones you can buy today. You'll surely start to see both Note 9 deals and new colors, as the device continues to age over time.

When and where can you get the Silver Note 9?

There are some staggered release dates and retail channels to review here:

The Cloud Silver Note 9 color launches in the US first, and you'll find it at Best Buy and the official store on Friday, October 5 – curiously one day after the LG V40 launch event and five days before the Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL launch event.

The Midnight Black Note 9 color makes its US debut on October 12 – two days after the Razer Phone 2 launch event, four days after the Huawei Mate 20 Pro launch event, and five days after the rumored OnePlus 6T launch event. See the pattern? October is going to be packed with new phones. This helps Samsung stay relevant. 

Note about the Note 9 in black: it'll only come in the 128GB storage size at first. The 512GB model in black will launch on October 26. That date? Oh, that's the iPhone XR release date. On both occasions, the black Note 9 version will be sold through major American carriers, enterprise distributors, and Samsung's site.

Matt Swider