Razer Phone gets new portrait camera mode in latest software update

The gaming-centric Razer Phone launched back in November 2017, but six months on and Razer is still pushing new features to the handset, with the latest addition being a portrait camera mode.

Portrait mode is compatible with the phone's dual, 12MP rear-facing cameras and helps bring the handset closer to its flagship rivals.

Razer has also ensured with its latest update that the phone is now fully GDPR compliant in Europe, by providing enhanced data protection and privacy on the device.

It's no surprise that Razer has provided us with a new camera feature, as the company CEO Min-Liang Tan confirmed to us on Twitter that "fancy add on features" would arrive at a later date.

More to come?

This isn't the first time Razer has brought new features to its first smartphone since launch, with a January update bringing HDR support for Netflix and improved sound, while an April update brought Android 8.1 Oreo to the handset.

It means that we could see even more features roll out for the Razer Phone in the coming months, but there are also rumors that a Razer Phone 2 may arrive this year.

The free OTA (over the air) update started rolling out on May 21, and you can check if it's ready for your phone by heading to the settings and then to software update.

OTA updates can sometimes take a few days to roll out to every handset worldwide, so if it hasn't landed on your Razer Phone just yet, don't panic as it'll be with you soon.

John McCann
Global Managing Editor

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