Will the Apple iWatch really come in his and hers sizes?

Will the Apple iWatch really come in his and hers sizes?
Women to get smartwatches too?

It seems that the much fabled iWatch may come in two sizes, catering to both male and female wrists.

With male and female wrists varying in size, it appears Apple is looking at a 1.7-inch model for men, with the dainty 1.3-inch to sit on women's wrists.

We've heard an awful lot about Apple's iWatch, despite the fact that we still don't even know if the device actually exists.

Reports from the Korea Herald suggest that Apple will be making two versions, conflicting with earlier reports that three sizes would be on offer.

You mean it's actually a watch?

Current smartwatches don't cater massively to different genders, although the Sony Smartwatch 2 does offer the chance to customise with any standard 24mm watch strap.

Apple has a track record of releasing products and making the world think "why didn't I think of that?", or more specifically "why didn't I think of doing it like that?".

After all, portable music players, touch screen phones and tablets were around long before the iPod, iPhone and iPad.

If these reports are true, it would mean that Apple is placing more design emphasis on the watch part, as we already know that Apple can do the smart.

Via UnwiredView.