Gold Apple Watch price reportedly outed, and it's a doozy

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch may launch later than we had hoped, and it also might cost a lot more.

The gold version will run you between $4,000 (about £2,500, AU$4,575) and $5,000 (about £3,125, AU$5,725), while the steel and black versions will start at $500 (about £310, AU$570) reports French website

The site is somewhat reliable, according to 9 to 5 Mac, having reported accurately about Apple rumors in the past.

However it's unclear exactly where its info comes from, so don't take it as gospel just yet.

Watch the price

Apple said when it unveiled the Apple Watch in September that the most basic version will launch at $350 (about £220, AU$400).

That will probably still be the case, but there will definitely be more expensive Apple Watches as well.

That said, some have estimated that the gold Apple Watch could have a price tag of $10,000 (about £6,250, AU$11,450), so just know that it could always be worse.