Sharper Image returns with noisy rucksack

The number 11 at rush hour, two minutes after you turn on the SoundBag
The number 11 at rush hour, two minutes after you turn on the SoundBag

Sharper Image's gadget shops may have shut their doors for good after filing for bankruptcy, but the wacky tech brand lives on.

The first offering from the revitalised company is the SoundBag, a 'top of the line' backpack with built-in flat panel speaker.

An adjustable shoulder strap stores your MP3 player and includes a 3.5mm mini-plug to link straight to the speaker, and a protective clear covering allowing access to controls.

However, the speaker is also detachable, with a built-in stand and aux input for use with other audio sources, such as a portable DVD players and notebooks. The speaker offers up to 10 hours playback from three AA batteries.

Transforming your music experience

Federico de Bellegarde, Vice President of Licensing at Sharper Image, says, "The SoundBag is designed to transform the listening experience for commuters and travellers."

Which we agree with, as long as by 'transform the listening experience' he means 'make a living hell for', as maladjusted teens find it even easier to foist their affection for tinny grime on fellow public transport users.

A further reason to jump for joy is that the speaker is made entirely from fabric, which apparently renders it "virtually undetectable within the SoundBag's sleek design".

Sounds like you'll just have to chuck the whole thing out the window, then.

The Sharper Image SoundBag retails for $99 (£67), comes in several colours and is now available at major retailers including Macy's, Dillard's and Navy Exchange Stores.

Mark Harris is Senior Research Director at Gartner.