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Take remote control of iTunes

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Keyspan has has launched a wireless remote control that enables you to access your iTunes (opens in new tab) library from almost any room in your home. The TuneView also comes with a colour LCD and iPod-like controls - perfect if your still trying to find that missing link between your Mac or PC and Apple's AirPort Express (opens in new tab) .

AirPort Express is an 802.11g router that just so happens to also have an audio output so you can hook it up your hi-fi. Using one also enables a feature in iTunes called AirTunes (opens in new tab) that gives you remote control access of your main music library using a desktop or laptop.

What AirTunes has always needed to be genuinely useful though is a proper remote - which is where Keyspan's TuneView steps in.

iTunes control, iPod style

The TuneView comprises two pieces of a kit - a 2.4GHz wireless transceiver which hooks up to your Mac or PC via USB; and a remote equipped with 10 button keys and a colour LCD so you can view and access your iTunes music library.

Keyspan says TuneView has an operating range of 45.7 metres - handy for controlling your music from anywhere in the house. It also says the TuneView's firmware is upgradeable and plans to add more features over time.

The iTunes remote works with both PowerPC and Intel-equipped Macs running OS X, as well as Microsoft Windows XP (opens in new tab) PCs. It's available in the US now for $149 (£72). UK distributor AM Micro says it'll go on sale here in two weeks, price to be confirmed.