Plex is bringing free live TV to everyone

Plex Live TV channels
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For those in the know, Plex is already a portal to a world of entertainment. The media server software can be used to not only access your own digital music library, but also podcasts, movies and more. Now, though, the company is adding a new entertainment option.

Live TV on Plex is a no-cost option for streaming all manner of content, from movies and music to news, comedy and kids shows. Not only is Live TV free of charge, unlike Plex's existing over-the-air TV and DVR feature, you don't need a TV tuner or antenna to enjoy dozens of channels.

Live TV on Plex is available globally from today, and theirs is no need to have a paid-for Plex Pass subscription. In all there are more than 80 channels of free programming, and while many channels can be accessed from anywhere in the world, there are a few regional variations.

As the live TV service is free of charge, it should come as no surprise that it is ad-supported – but for anyone looking to cut the cord, this is a small price to pay for such wide-ranging content. And the line-up is impressive; there are dozens of music and movies channels as well as news and entertain to choose from – there's even The Bob Ross Channel delivering relaxing viewing around the clock!

Keith Valory, CEO of Plex, says: "Combining the new Live TV service with the over-the-air TV and DVR feature, Plex offers the most comprehensive and least expensive streaming TV service in the world."

Turn on, tune in

News junkies can get their fix from the likes of Reuters and Yahoo Finance, while themed movies channels help you to home in on the perfect movie to suit your mood. Whether you want to see martial arts, sci-fi, a cult classic, or a horror flick, there's a movie channel for you. There are also LGBTQ+ channels from Revry.

Sports fans, music lovers, and gameshow addicts are all well catered for, as are tech heads, gamers and reality TV aficionados. There is a mix of curated and original programming, all of which can be accessed through the Plex app on a range of devices and platforms using a familiar, easily navigable EPG.

More information about Live TV on Plex can be found here.

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