Pictures of more internal iPhone 8 parts leak out on the web

Those of you eager to learn about every single aspect of the iPhone 8 ahead of its expected September launch will enjoy poring over these images of a motherboard and edge-to-edge OLED screen, both tipped to be included in the flagship phone from Apple.

Shared by seasoned Apple leaker Benjamin Geskin on Twitter, the motherboard and screen don't tell us too much that's new about the next iPhone, but they do mean there's less mystery about the flagship device launch than ever. Whatever Apple is planning for the launch event, we'll have heard most of it before.

For months now we've been hearing that the iPhone 8 would carry a stacked logic board, which essentially means various internal parts are packed on top of each other and there's more room for the battery. The leak of this L-shaped component seems to back that up.

As for the screen, Apple is expected to follow the likes of Samsung and LG in banishing bezels from the front screen of the iPhone 8. The iPhone 7S and the iPhone 7S Plus, meanwhile, also thought to be launching next month, are believed to be minor upgrades and may well keep their bezeled look.

The picture of the edge-to-edge OLED screen shows off this new look for the iPhone rather nicely. According to Geskin, these assembly part screens are fetching up to $5,000 on the black market in China, as the iPhone hype machine reaches its maximum levels.

As for Apple, it hasn't yet said anything about a new iPhone or an event to launch it, though the smart money is on September 12 being the day for the big reveal. Only a couple of weeks then, and we can get on to iPhone 9 rumors instead.

Via AppleInsider

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